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Camping Caddy am Strand in Kroatien
Price and minimum booking


Low season


Middle season


Peak season


€69 per night

€79 per night

€89 per night

The minimum rental duration is 4 nights.


Service fee

A service fee of €99 is due for each rental. In addition to the provision of camping accessories, this includes an extensive camper induction as well as standard interior and exterior cleaning. The customer is required to vacuum the vehicle and clean all camping equipment before return. Dog campers must be fully vacuumed, so that all dog hairs have been removed.



  • The deposit due is €1000 for the Basic tariff, €500 for the Comfort tariff or €300 for the Premium tariff.

  • Deposit is to be paid in cash upon collection.

  • Alternative: Transfer the deposit up to 3 working days before the start of the rental period.

    • For bank details see imprint

    • Reference: "deposit" + name + booking code

  • Renting is not possible without paying a deposit. Cancellation terms apply (see below).



OPTION 1 - Eitorf rental stations



Am Bahndamm19, 53783 Eitorf

Im Auel 31, 53783 Eitorf


Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 4 pm

Saturday: 11 pm - 1 pm

Sunday: closed



Customer's vehicle can be parked free of charge at the rental stations in Eitorf during the rental period.

OPTION 2 - Delivery & pick-up service

Possible for Caddy campers


Price: For pick-up & return at a desired address, a total of €99 will be charged.



Max. 40km* from

Cologne Cathedral

*Contact us to discuss greater distances!



Monday to Friday: 5 pm - 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: by request


Liefer- und Abholservice von Camping in my Car
Relaxed return

Relaxed return:

  • If the return takes place later than the pick-up, 30 will be charged.

  • Relaxed return is included in the Comfort and Premium tariffs.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule your trip, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • Up until 100 days before the rental start date, 85% of the full price will be refunded.

  • From 99 to 31 days before the rental start date, 50% of the full price will be refunded.

  • 30 days or fewer before the rental start date, the renter is not entitled to a refund.

Booking packages





Price per rental night




Camping equipment


Excess (fully comprehensive)



Excess (partial comprehensive)


Breakdown assistance with 24-hour hotline


Free km/night (thereafter €0.30 per km)


Additional driver


Relaxed return



€1500 /

€2500 Caddy

€1500 /

€500 Caddy



















  • Pets are welcome in our Crafter Balou - but unfortunately not in our other campers.

  • Drivers under the age of 20 and drivers who have had a valid license for less than one full year cannot rent our campers. The minimum age for a driver of the vintage T3 Siggi is 23.

  • Only drivers registered in the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rental vehicle.

  • Our campers cannot be taken to any non-EU countries except Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Albania.

  • Everything that is forbidden by law is of course NOT allowed with our campers (customs, road traffic regulations, etc.).

  • The rental price includes 250 free kilometers (Basic tariff) or 300 free kilometers (Comfort tariff) per rental night. Each additional kilometer costs €0.30. In the Premium tariff, the free kilometers are unlimited.



The following insurance benefits are already included in the Basic booking package:


  • Fully comprehensive insurance with a €2500 excess (Caddy) or €1500 excess (T5, T3, Crafter)

  • Partial comprehensive insurance with a €500 excess (Caddy) or €1500 excess (T5, T3, Crafter)

  • Liability insurance (€100 million flat-rate for personal injury, property damage and financial loss; maximum 12 million per injured person)

  • Europe-wide 24-hour breakdown assistance


The complete insurance conditions for liability and comprehensive insurance for Caddy campers can be viewed here (in German) and for all other campers here (in German).

The complete puncture protection conditions for Caddy campers can be viewed here (in German) and for all other campers here (in German).


Booking the Comfort package will reduce the excess in case of damage as follows:


  • Fully comprehensive insurance with a €250 excess

  • Partial comprehensive insurance with a €250 excess

Booking the Premium package will reduce the excess in case of damage as follows:


  • Fully comprehensive insurance with a €0 excess

  • Partial comprehensive insurance with a €0 excess


The complete conditions for the deductible insurance can be viewed in German here in "Section F".


An overview of breakdown assistance services


  • Protection letter applies in the event of a breakdown, accident, theft and other emergencies.

  • Breakdown repair on site or towing to the nearest workshop by breakdown service.

  • If repairs are not possible: Choose between a free replacement car, free overnight stays at the location of the damage and free repatriation of all occupants to the rental location.

Liability coverage at a glance


  • The liability protection applies if others are harmed by the rental vehicle.

  • The exemption from claims for damages occurs if people are injured or killed through the use of the vehicle, things are damaged, destroyed or lost, or financial losses are caused that are neither related to personal injury nor to property damage.

Comprehensive coverage services at a glance


  • Under partial comprehensive insurance, coverage exists in the event of damage, destruction, loss or total loss of the rental vehicle including the camping system due to fire and explosion, theft, collision with animals, broken glass, short-circuit damage and animal bites.

  • Under fully comprehensive insurance, coverage exists in the event of damage, destruction, loss or total loss of the rental vehicle, including the camping system, as a result of the events of the partially comprehensive insurance as well as accidents. An accident is an event that suddenly acts on the vehicle from the outside with mechanical force.

  • There is no insurance cover for damage caused willfully by any kind of car races, for tire damage that is not related to a comprehensive insurance, as well as for damage caused by earthquakes, war events, civil unrest, measures taken by the state or nuclear energy. In addition, all other items (especially mobile phones, mobile navigation devices, luggage) are not insured.

Overview of deductible benefits


  • The rental vehicle is insured against loss, damage and destruction through theft, accident, vandalism or natural events, provided that the comprehensive insurance provides coverage for such occurrences.

  • The rental vehicle is insured for damage to the underbody, tires, windscreen, side or rear window, exterior mirrors or the roof only when caused by an accident.

  • The insurance does not cover damage to the oil pan or damage to the interior and interior fittings.



  • It is mandatory to notify the police in the event of an accident, theft, fire or damage caused by game animals

  • Contact the breakdown protection service (information in glove compartment)

  • In the event of an accident, fill out the European Accident Report (in the glove compartment)

  • Notify Camping in my Car in writing by email as soon as the situation allows

  • Keep damage/police report; further evidence (photos, witness statements, loss reports, medical certificates etc.) may be required for the claims settlement

  • Necessary workshop services beyond breakdown assistance must be approved by Camping in my Car

  • DO NOT acknowledge opposing claims

  • Handout for "What to do in the event of damage" is in the camper (glove compartment)

Purchase option


  • Some campers can be purchased at the end of the season

  • Sale with/without camping module possible

  • Sale as a registered camping vehicle/mobile home

  • Campers offered for sale can be found on

Camping equipment


Camping equipment included in the rental price :

  • Camping box with kitchen equipment (2 glasses, 2 cups, 2 plates, cutlery for 2 people, chopping board, vegetable peeler, corkscrew, 1 sharp knife, sponge, dishcloth)

  • Two-flame gas cooker including 2 gas cartridges

  • Coolbox 

  • Fresh water tank

  • Camping table

  • Two camping chairs

  • Double bed with a comfortable mattress

  • Eight permanently installed zip-close storage pockets

  • Rear boot clip to allow ventilation (car can be locked)



Camping equipment bookable for a surcharge (prices apply per rental) :

  • Set: 1 duvet, 1 pillow, bed linen, 2 towels (€25)

  • Privacy and sun screens for driver's cab and rear window (€0)

  • Roof box (€30)

  • Rear tent (€0)

  • Awning (€0)

  • Roof tent Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 ° M for 2 people (Basic package: €100, Comfort: €50, Premium: €0)

  • Cable drum including CEE camping adapter, USB & LED (€0)

  • Bike rack (€40)

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