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Campingbox Einbausystem - dein Camperausbau!

RENT from €30/day

BUY from 


Turn your car into a camper van!

Suitable for Caddy, Berlingo, Kangoo, T5, T6, Connect, Trafic, Combo, Rifter and many more.

Simple assembly ~ Sustainable but comfortable ~ High quality material ~ Clever bed design ~ Office & kitchen


With the LAGA camping box you can turn your car into a camper van in a matter of minutes!

See the new camping box system for yourself in our workshop in Cologne.


Collapsable bed frame (195cm) | 2 stacking box shelves | Water tank & stove shelf | Sink shelf including collapsable basin and tap | Pull-out office space | Fridge drawer | Storage drawer

110cm wide | 65cm deep | 55cm high

Installed with tension straps, no need to make any alterations to your car!

Kompakte Campingbox mit vielseitiger Arbeitsstation



up to 3 nights

4-6 nights

7-20 nights


21 nights
each further night

€129 in total

€35 per night

€30 per night

€600 in total
+€15 per night




If you decide to buy the camping box after your trip, we'll take the rental price up to €200 off the purchase price!


LAGA camping box with bed frame & mattress | Water tank & sink | Pull-out tabletop with chopping board | 5 storage baskets | Single-flame gas stove | Mattress protector & fitted bed sheet

Installation of the box into your car with tension straps

Full induction for the camping box


Qoolbox  Eco+ M with cooling elements <10 days

Primus 2-flame gas stove

Kitchen set (pots, plates, cups, cutlery) for 2

Camping table & 2 chairs

1 gas cartridge






All-in-One-Campingbox mit Küchenzeile und Schlafbereich



€4,222   €3,999

LAGA camping box with:


Basic fittings


ALL add-ons

(Qoolbox Eco+ M, 110cm bed & mattress)

Camping box rental voucher

with a value of €129 to treat a friend!




Box frame with 3 drawers & 2 stackable, portable modules, installed with tension straps (included)

Storage drawer with built-in chopping board & 2 divider walls

Wash drawer with Outwell basin & stainless steel PIAZZA container

Fridge drawer with space for large cooling unit and storage

Water module including water tank, tap and extra storage space

Kitchen module including grooves for gas cartridges







Bed module (width 110cm/140cm) including collapsable bed frame, 2 legs and tension straps


Mattress (width 110cm/140cm) with 8cm thick foam and Milan grey covers

Fridge M/L (Qoolbox Eco+) including no-electricity cooling elements

Basket set (x4) made to fit the water and kitchen drawers

Double-flame stove (Primus Tupike)

Kitchen set (Primus) including pans, plates, cups & cutlery for 2 people

SUSTAINABLE | Manufacturing & production in NRW, individual parts can be reordered, running water without electricity, off-grid fridge using insulation technology and cooling elements that last for up to 10 days.

COMPACT | Robust but light. The body is made of 12mm birch multiplex, the pull-out bed system of 15mm birch multiplex. Low weight in relation to the wealth of functions. High quality camping system.

INDEPENDENT | Do your own thing without a campsite, with water and an off-grid fridge on board. 

STORAGE | Plenty of storage space both in the box and under the bed. Clever design to make use of all space. 

FLEXIBILITY | Water and cooking modules can be removed and used away from the car. Sink and worktop can be used at different heights. Wash drawer easily converted into an office table for work on the go.

INNOVATIVE BED SYSTEM | The bed is assembled in 2 simple steps. The frame is pulled out from under the mattress with a single movement (the mattress and anything lying on top do not need to be removed before the bed is assembled). Pull down the legs and attach the frame quickly & easily to the front head rests. The clever pull-out design allows for extra storage space behind the box. 

EASY INSTALLATION |The LAGA camping box is securely installed in your car within minutes!

Vielseitige Campingbox mit einer praktischen Arbeitsstation


Heckküche Caddy Maxi


You don't have the right car yet, but are interested in the LAGA camping box?

Rent a VW Caddy camper with the LAGA camping box!

Caddy Camper Top spot in erster Reihe im Autokamp Divna in Peljesač, Kroatien
Camping Caddy Campingtrip am Rhein entlang

Turn your everyday car into a camper with LAGA - the revolutionary new camping box - and your camping adventure can begin. LAGA fits into a Caddy, Kangoo, Berlingo, T5, T6 and most other common high-roof station wagons and vans with a width of at least 110cm.


Our camping box is made in Germany with attention to detail and the highest quality to make your outdoor trip an unforgettable experience. The features of our camping box have been carefully thought through in order to balance convenience with comfort. The cool box keeps food and drinks fresh and cool for up to 10 days - all without electricity. The ingenious bed system is assembled in just two steps, so that you can hop into bed after a long day out and about.


The stackable cooking module gives you the flexibility to prepare and cook your meal in the pull-out kitchen area or take it with you to cook in the open air away from the car. The water module comes with a tank, tap and removable folding sink, which can be used at different heights with an integrated surface cutout.

Working on the go? Convert the wash drawer to an office desk with built-in covers and an adjustable work top. Hand-made palm leaf baskets have been designed to fit each storage space for optimum usage - and give the design a homely feel.


Make an appointment in our workshop to see for yourself and discover all the other features of the LAGA camping box!

Fog and Nature

Hochdachkombis oder Vans in Kombination mit der LAGA Campingbox sind deutlich günstiger in der Anschaffung als ein Wohnmobil oder ein ausgebauter Van. Sie erfordern in der Regel auch weniger Investitionen für Wartung und Reparaturen. Die Versicherungskosten können ebenfalls niedriger sein, da Minicamper als PKW oder Kleintransporter eingestuft werden und somit potenziell günstigere Versicherungstarife haben.


Ein Mini-Camper kann auch im Alltag als normales Fahrzeug genutzt werden. Du kannst ihn für den täglichen Berufsverkehr, Einkäufe oder andere alltägliche Aktivitäten verwenden. Im Gegensatz zu einem großen Wohnmobil, das oft nur für Campingzwecke genutzt wird, bietet ein Van oder Hochdachkombi in Kombination mit der LAGA Campingbox eine praktische Doppelnutzung als Alltagsauto und Camper in einem. Die bessere Manövrierbarkeit, Kraftstoffeffizienz, Flexibilität, einfachere Handhabung, Kostenersparnis und Alltagstauglichkeit machen Mini-Camper attraktiv für Alle, die ein kompaktes und vielseitiges Campingfahrzeug suchen, welches zugleich im Alltag verwendet werden soll.

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