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General terms & conditions

1 Subject of the user agreement

The subject of the user agreement is the rental of a camper with camping accessories for a pre-defined period of time. For all rentals agreed with Maranu GmbH, these GTC shall apply with priority. In addition, legal regulations concerning material rentals shall apply. In addition to these General Terms and Conditions, the rental agreement includes a rental offer with selected services, a booking confirmation of the booked services after payment, a final invoice after return of the camper as well as a handover protocol to be signed by both parties upon rental and the rental agreement to be signed. The rental of the camper does not include any travel services. The renter plans and carries out his/her trip independently. It is not a package tour, so that the legal requirements for package tours according to §§ BGB 651 do not apply.



2 Rental conditions


2.1 Booking requirements 

The minimum rental period is at least four nights throughout the year. For a binding booking, a prepayment amounting to at least the sum of the deposit for the selected booking package must be paid (see paragraph 2.3). The payment must be made within the payment period according to the camper rental offer. Registered drivers must be at least 20 years old and hold a valid driving license of class B or former class 3 for at least one year. The original valid driver's license and a valid identification document must be presented by all drivers at the time of rental. Renters or drivers with a driver's license acquired outside the European Union must provide appropriate proof that their driver's license is recognized in Germany. Detailed information on this can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure: (in German). An international driver's license must be presented in addition to a driver's license not issued with Latin characters. The renter is considered the owner of the vehicle for the rented period. A booked rental vehicle can be cancelled by the lessor if there are justified doubts about the contractual use.



2.2 Rental price

In the low season in March and October the rental price is 69€ per night, in the middle season in April and May the rental price is 79€ per night, in the high season in June, July, August and September the rental price is 89€ per night. The rental price includes the use of a camping vehicle for the period specified at the time of booking. The service fee of 99€ due for each rental includes, in addition to the provision of camping equipment, a comprehensive briefing of the vehicle and camping equipment, as well as a standard interior and exterior cleaning. Delivery and pick-up service is offered for some rental vehicles as an option in the booking form and applies to addresses up to a maximum distance of 40km from Cologne Cathedral and costs 99€ per rental. Greater distances can be requested individually. There is no general right to delivery service. The "Basic" booking package is included in the rental price. It includes 24-hour breakdown cover within the geographical limits of Europe, 250 free kilometers per rental night as well as comprehensive insurance with an excess varying between 1500€ and 2500€, depending on the vehicle. The amount of the deductible in the comprehensive insurance can be taken from the homepage and is listed on the rental offer before booking. The deductible in the partial cover varies between 500€ and 1500€ depending on the vehicle. Additional kilometers driven cost 0,30€ per km. Additional booking of one or more drivers costs 30€ per rental. If the return takes place later in the day than the pick-up ("Relaxed Return"), 30€ will be charged. The "Comfort" package can be booked optionally for 19€ per rental night in the booking process and includes the reduction of the comprehensive and partial cover excess to 250€ per claim, a total of 300 free kilometers per rental night, a deposit reduction from 1000€ to 500€, free "Relax Return" and free additional drivers. The "Premium" package can be optionally added in the booking process for 29€ per rental night and includes the reduction of the deductible to 0€, unlimited free kilometers, a deposit reduction from 1000€ to 300€, free "Relaxed Return" and free additional drivers. The current "Basic", "Comfort" or "Premium" benefits may vary depending on the vehicle selection. They are listed on the homepage in the "Prices" section, in the booking form sent by e-mail, in the camper offer and in the booking confirmation when the booking is completed. The total rental price includes the currently valid VAT rate. The current rental price can be viewed here. The following items, which do not claim to be complete, are expressly not included in the rental price: Diesel costs, pitch fees, campsite costs, parking fees, toll costs, parking ticket fees, tunnel fees, ferry costs as well as costs for additional bookable extras. Rental costs for additional extras are also listed here and apply for the entire rental period. 


2.3 Booking process and conclusion of contract

A non-binding booking request is made via all "Rent" and "Book" buttons on the website and initiates the booking process. The successful receipt of the booking request is confirmed by a briefly displayed message on the homepage. Following the booking request, if the requested travel period is available, a non-binding booking form is sent to the specified e-mail address. In this form, in addition to personal data (e-mail, telephone, address) further information relevant to the camper rental (selection of a booking package, selection of extras, delivery service address) are requested. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the handling of personal data (privacy policy) must be accepted. Based on the information provided in the booking request form, a booking offer will be sent by e-mail if the travel period is still available. Depending on the travel period, the offer contains a payment deadline between 1 and 7 days from when the booking offer was sent and the selected camper is reserved until the end of the payment deadline. The deadline can be subsequently shortened on the part of the lessor if further rental requests concern the same travel period. In order for a binding booking to be made, a prepayment amounting to the sum of the security deposit must be made and demonstrably received in the business account of Maranu GmbH within the specified period. The amount of the security deposit depends on the chosen booking package (Basic: 1000€, Comfort: 500€, Premium: 300€). The payment has to be made via bank transfer. After receipt of payment in the amount of the corresponding security deposit, the tenant receives a booking confirmation by e-mail and the camper is bindingly booked. Alternatively, the total rental price can be paid for a binding booking. In this case, the deposit can be given in cash at the time of rental or transferred up to 3 working days before rental. However, if the deposit amount was prepaid for the binding booking, the outstanding rental price is due no later than 30 days before the start of the rental period. For short-term bookings within 30 days before the start of the rental period, the total rental price is therefore also due immediately. A camper reservation without full payment is not possible. The rental contract will be signed by both parties at the beginning of the rental period. The renter will receive the invoice after returning the rental vehicle. If an outstanding balance payment is not received by the due date, it is the responsibility of the rental company to decide if and when the reservation will be cancelled according to the cancellation policy. Requested extras that are not available will not be listed in the offer. There is no right to the extras listed on our homepage. If extras listed in the booking offer are not available at the time of rental (e.g. due to damage or loss), the costs will be refunded to the renter. 


2.4 Cancellation

The following cancellation conditions apply to a booked camper: Up to 100 or more days before the booked rental start date, 85% of the total rental price will be refunded. From 99 to 31 days before the booked rental start date, 50% of the total rental price will be refunded. In case of cancellation within 30 days before the scheduled start of the rental, the right to a refund expires and the rental price is retained. The issuance of a rental voucher is also excluded. The cancellation rules also come into effect if the rental requirements (e.g. missing identification document, no driver's license, insufficient rental age, etc.) are not met at the start of the rental. In case of late rental or early return, no costs will be refunded and the full rental price according to the rental agreement will be charged.


2.5 Security deposit

Depending on the selected insurance package, the security deposit amounts to 1000€ if the "Basic" tariff is selected, 500€ if the "Comfort" tariff is selected or 300€ if the "Premium" tariff is selected. If the total rental price was paid by bank transfer instead of the security deposit when booking, the deposit can be paid in cash at the beginning of the rental period. Alternatively, the security deposit can be transferred to the bank account of Maranu GmbH in due time up to 3 working days before rental. The payment must be visibly booked on the account of Maranu GmbH at the latest at the beginning of the rental period. Without deposited deposit the camper will not be handed over, the cancellation conditions apply and the rental price will not be refunded. If any damage occurs during a rental, the entire deposit will be retained until the damage is fully settled. Any damage to the vehicle incurred during the rental, fee notices, additional charges (e.g. late return, fuel arrangements, etc.) may be charged against the deposit. Additional costs beyond the deposit will be charged to the renter. Collision damage will only be charged to the renter up to the amount of the agreed deductible and will be retained from the security deposit. The repayment of the security deposit is not equivalent to the release of the rental party from liability. Hidden damage discovered by the rental company after the vehicle has been returned (e.g. during vehicle cleaning or preparation) or costs incurred (e.g. fines, fees) that can clearly be attributed to a rental party will be charged to the renter. The renter has the right to object in writing to invoices and provide evidence that they are not responsible for the damage, fee, etc. in question. An objection period of 14 days from the date of invoice applies. If no damage or charges are objectionable, the deposit will be returned to the renter by bank transfer. A deposit paid in cash will also be refunded to the renter by bank transfer if it has not been paid immediately after the end of the rental period. 

2.6 Obligations of use

The camper is used for private purposes and must be handled carefully and properly by all occupants and must always be properly locked. The renter is obligated to follow the instructions provided for proper use (instruction, vehicle manual, instructions for use of stove, rear ventilation, etc.). In case of ambiguity the renter has to inform themselves about the proper use before using the camper. The camper is not available for commercial use (e.g. moving), vehicle testing, any kind of racing or further rentals. Rentals for commercial purposes are prohibited. The camper may not be used in combination with a trailer or semi-trailer. The renter is obliged to declare all additional drivers. Unregistered drivers are not allowed to drive the camper. Registered drivers are not allowed to drive the camper if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have taken medication that impairs their driving ability. The renter has to make sure that no unauthorized person is driving the vehicle. The renter has to inform themselves about national laws concerning traffic and entry of the countries which are visited with the camper. The renter is responsible for compliance with national and international regulations (including traffic regulations, entry laws, customs and visa regulations, toll systems). The camper is handed over with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. In case of non-compliance with the refueling regulation, an expense fee of 25€ will be charged in addition to the refueling costs. It is expressly forbidden to make any changes (including improvements) to the camper. All campers are non-smoking vehicles. In case of clear violations, 300€ will be charged to eliminate the smoke (e.g. ozone treatment). Pets are not allowed in the camper. In case of clear violations, for additional cleaning (e.g. pet hair removal) 300€ will be charged. Pets are allowed in designated "dog campers". The renter undertakes to return a "dog camper" vacuumed and free of pet hair at the end of the rental period. A camping box system firmly installed by means of tensioning straps (e.g. on the Caddy Maxi Camper) must not be loosened during the entire rental period. It must also be checked regularly that the system is secured and that the tension belts are under tension. During the journey, the bed and table structure must be properly dismantled, stowed and secured. Swivel seats must not be used in the rotated position while driving. Gas cartridges or gas bottles may only be connected to existing stoves during use. Especially while driving, gas cartridges or gas bottles must be properly removed from the cooker/gas stove and secured. For reasons of hygiene, mattresses with enclosed mattress pads must be used. The camper may only be driven on roads designated for motor vehicles. The camper may not be driven on unpaved roads, beach sections, etc. The camper may only be used within the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and Albania. Thus, among others, no African countries, Ukraine, Turkey or Russia may be driven with the camper. Ferry crossings are allowed. If a warning light is illuminated or flashes, the renter is obliged to investigate the matter and to act according to the operating instructions (in the glove compartment). Depending on the warning light, further travel is only possible after the problem has been rectified. If necessary, the breakdown service is to be called in. During the rented period the tenant has the duty, especially in case of warning lights, to check the coolant level, the oil level as well as the tire pressure and to fill them up if necessary. A "vintage camper" has no vehicle manual. When renting a "vintage camper" the renter explicitly commits to check the oil level every 500 kilometers and to refill one liter of oil for every 1000 kilometers driven. If the renter is demonstrably not in compliance with the obligation to maintain the vehicle, they are liable for any resulting damage. Costs for wearing parts and necessary maintenance will be borne by the lessor, if the defect does not result from harmful use of the vehicle on the part of the renter. Costs for necessary repairs will only be covered by the lessor after prior written approval by the lessor or after written approval by the insurer and upon presentation of the invoices/receipts. If a camper has an AdBlue tank, it shall be completely filled at the time of rental. During the rental period, the renter must ensure that the AdBlue tank is always sufficiently filled. 

2.7 Vehicle pickup

The renter must appear in person at the rental and present a valid original identification document (see paragraph 2.1). If the renter is not able to pick up the camper personally at the beginning of the rental period, they can assign an additional driver to pick up the camper after prior consultation with the rental company. All drivers must also present valid original identification documents and driver's licenses, but the additional drivers do not have to be present at the time of rental. Without valid documents of the renting party the camper will not be handed over and the renting price will not be refunded (see paragraph 2.4). The place and time of pick-up specified at the time of booking must be observed. Delivery and pick-up service, if available for a camper in the booking form, will be considered only for addresses within 40km from the Cologne Cathedral. The distance can be determined with a map service (googlemaps, applemaps, etc.). Aerial route calculations are also accepted. If a specified delivery and pick-up address is clearly outside the delivery area and there is no written individual agreement, the rental vehicle must be picked up at the rental station in Eitorf. A vehicle handover outside the business hours is excluded. At pick-up and return, a handover protocol about the condition of the camper will be made in the presence of the rental party. Existing damage to the camper will be marked. Major damages (deep scratches, dents, etc.) will be noted in writing. The renter is obliged to sign the handover protocol. The renter must notify the rental company immediately of any defects discovered immediately after the start of the rental period. A private vehicle belonging to the renter can be parked free of charge at the rental station in Eitorf during the rental period. Any liability of the rental company regarding the private vehicle is excluded. In particular, the landlord is not liable for damages, theft or robbery.

2.8 Return of the vehicle

The renter must return the camper at the time and place specified in the booking. In case of a deviating early return, the reimbursement of rental costs is excluded. The return has to take place at the agreed location (see paragraph 2.7). The renter is not allowed to extend the booked rental period on their own. The renter has to return the camper by the agreed time. In case of late return, a fee of 30€ per started hour of delay will be charged from the second hour. A maximum of 250€ per rental night will be charged for late return. If the camper has not been returned more than two hours after the agreed return time, without the renter reporting a delay, the landlord may file a complaint. If the late return of the camper affects subsequent rentals, the landlord reserves the right to claim damages. If the camper is parked outside the opening hours at the rental station in Eitorf, the rental party is liable for all damages incurred until the lessor takes possession of the rental vehicle. The rental party has to return the camper vacuumed. The camping equipment has to be returned cleaned (rinsed, cleaned, free of sand). In case of heavy soiling of the interior lining or upholstery, which cannot be removed by normal interior cleaning of the vehicle, 150€ will be charged for interior preparation. In case of any new damage to the vehicle recorded at the time of rental, it will be settled on the basis of a proof of cost, a damage report or a repair order and charged to the rental party. The renter is fully liable for damages not reported as well as for missing and damaged items (e.g. safety equipment, camping equipment, etc.). The return protocol to be signed by both parties does not mean that claims of the landlord regarding not immediately visible damages expire.

2.9 Conduct in the event of damage

The renter is obliged to report any damage to the lessor immediately (as soon as the situation permits) in writing by e-mail. In case of theft, fire or game damage as well as accidents, an immediate report must be made to the police. A damage/police report must be kept and emailed to the lessor. In addition, the roadside assistance service (emergency number & instructions for damage in the glove compartment) must be contacted to arrange further action. In the case of damage that requires a decision by the lessor (e.g. repair beyond breakdown cover, replacement vehicle, calling in an expert, etc.), the lessor must be informed and a written release by the lessor must be awaited. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the renter must contact the breakdown service. The internationally recognized European Accident Report (preprinted forms and instructions for filling them out are in the glove compartment) must be filled out completely and truthfully by both parties and signed. In particular, it must include the names and addresses of the persons and witnesses involved, vehicle registration numbers and insurance information of the vehicles involved. Other forms or reports on the course of the accident must not be signed by the party to the accident. Other evidence (photographs, witness statements, loss reports, medical certificates...) may be required for claims processing. In the event of an accident, opposing claims may not be acknowledged. Notification to with attached police and accident report must be made no later than the following day. Damages may generally not be self-settled, even if the property damage is expected to be less than the agreed deductible. If the police is not contacted in case of theft, fire or game damage as well as accidents, the renter is liable for any resulting financial disadvantages of the lessor. A printout of the full breakdown cover is available in the glove compartment. The breakdown cover benefits are available online at If the police, the public prosecutor's office or any other authority investigates the damage event, the renter is obliged to inform the lessor immediately about this and the progress of the proceedings (e.g. penalty order, fine notice). The tenant must do everything that is necessary to clarify the insured event. The place of the accident may not be left without allowing the legally required clarifications and observing the legally required waiting period (hit-and-run). All questions regarding the circumstances of the damage and the extent of the damage must be answered truthfully and completely in writing. The tenant must provide requested evidence of damage/accident, insofar as its procurement is reasonable. In the event of a loss/damage, the Lessee undertakes to do everything possible to avert and mitigate the loss/damage. If a claim is asserted against the leased party in or out of court (e.g. lawsuit, default summons), this must be notified to the lessor without delay. 

3 Fees


3.1 Fines

Fines (e.g. for speeding, parking, etc.) will be paid by the renter and charged to the renter. In addition to the fine, an expense fee of 20€ per notice will be charged.


3.2 Toll fees

Toll fees and necessary vignettes have to be paid and collected by the renting party. The renter has to inform themselves about the toll systems of the respective country of travel and, if necessary, register at toll booths or with the relevant authorities in good time before the start of the journey. Tolls and penalties for which the renter has not paid during the rental period and which are invoiced to the rental company are to be paid by the renter plus an expense fee of 20€ per payment request. For trips within Germany's environmental zones, the necessary environmental sticker is available in the vehicle. "Vintage campers" are also entitled to drive in environmental zones without a sticker.

4 Insurance services

For all rentals, the following insurance benefits are already included in the rental price, in addition to the liability insurance (100 million euros lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial loss, maximum 12 million euros per injured person): Comprehensive cover with 2500€ (VW Caddy) or 1500€ (VW T3, VW T5, VW Crafter etc) and partial cover with 500€ (VW Caddy) or 1500€ (VW T3, VW T5, VW Crafter etc) excess per claim as well as 24h breakdown cover in the event of a claim within the geographical borders of Europe (Basic tariff). The "Comfort" package (see paragraph 2.2) includes the reduction of the deductible of the comprehensive and partial cover to 250€ per claim. The "Premium" package (see paragraph 2.2) includes the reduction of the deductible of the comprehensive and partial cover to 0€. Additional insurance services to those mentioned (e.g. travel cancellation insurance, etc.) cannot be concluded directly via Maranu GmbH.

4.1 Breakdown cover provisions

All rental vehicles are either insured under the insurance conditions of Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG for EURA motorhome protection (VB EA WM 2014) (VW Caddy) or include the protection cover for breakdown and accident of the Badische Versicherungen (VW T3, VW T5, VW Crafter etc). The complete breakdown cover insurance conditions can be viewed at The main provisions of the breakdown cover are listed below. The breakdown cover takes effect in the event of breakdown, accident, theft and other emergencies. In the event of a breakdown, the vehicle will be repaired on site or towed to the nearest repair shop. If it is not possible to continue the journey, the customer can choose between a free replacement rental car for up to four days, free overnight stays at the scene of the damage or free repatriation of all occupants to the rental location. The respective emergency number of the breakdown service associated with a camper is located in the glove compartment.


4.2 Provisions for liability protection (protection against damage caused to others)

All rental vehicles are either insured under the General Terms and Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance (AKB) of Helvetia as of 1.11.2017 and Comfort Protection (VW Caddy) or include liability protection through Badische Versicherungen BGV (VW T3, VW T5, VW Crafter etc). The complete insurance conditions for liability protection can be viewed at Essential provisions for liability insurance are listed below: Liability protection takes effect in the event of damage to others by the rental vehicle. Indemnification is provided if the use of the vehicle causes injury or death to persons, damage to or destruction or loss of property, or financial loss that is not related to personal injury or property damage. 


4.3 Provisions for comprehensive insurance (protection in the event of damage to the rental vehicle)

All rental vehicles are either insured within the framework of the General Terms and Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance (AKB) of Helvetia as of 1.11.2017 and the comfort protection (VW Caddy) or include comprehensive cover via the Badische Versicherungen BGV (VW T3, VW T5, VW Crafter etc). The contractually agreed deductible (see paragraph 2.2) is calculated individually for each damage event. The complete insurance conditions for comprehensive cover can be viewed at Essential provisions regarding the hull insurance are listed below: Insurance coverage is provided in the partial casco in case of damage, destruction, loss or total loss of the vehicle including the camping system due to fire and explosion, theft, collision with animals, glass breakage, short-circuit damage and animal bites. Insurance coverage is provided in the comprehensive insurance in case of damage, destruction, loss or total loss of the vehicle including the camping system due to the events of the partial coverage as well as due to accidents. An accident is an event directly affecting the vehicle suddenly from the outside with mechanical force. No insurance cover is provided for damage caused intentionally, resulting from any kind of motor racing, for tire damage that is not related to comprehensive damage, as well as for damage caused by earthquakes, war events, civil unrest, measures of state power or nuclear energy. In addition, all other items (especially cell phones, mobile navigation devices, luggage) are not insurable. 

4.4 Excess insurance (if the Comfort/Premium package is booked in addition).

When booking the "Comfort" package or the "Premium" package, the General Terms and Conditions, the Glossary and Part F of the Insurance Conditions for Camping and Caravanning Insurance of ERGO Reiseversicherung AG (VB-ERV/CC 2020) also apply in addition to the insurance terms detailed in sections 4.2 and 4.3. The complete insurance conditions for excess insurance can be viewed at Within the framework of a group insurance contract of ERGO Reiseversicherung AG, which the renter automatically joins as an insured person, the following coverages are concluded in favor of the renter. The insurance premium is included in the price of the booking packages "Comfort" and "Premium". Together with the booking confirmation, the renter will receive the insurance policy, which contains the relevant insurance conditions and further details. If a renter wishes to waive the deductible insurance Motorhome PLUS, the Basic package can be booked, in which this insurance is not included. By booking the "Comfort" tariff, the deductible for subsequent events is reduced to 250€. By booking the "Premium" tariff, the deductible for subsequent events is reduced to 0€ and Maranu GmbH takes over the deductible in case of insurance. Insured events are loss, damage and destruction of the insured rental vehicle due to theft or attempted theft, accident, vandalism or natural hazards, provided that the comprehensive insurance (see paragraph 4.3) provides a benefit for these damages. The insurance also covers, up to the amount of the sum insured, the restoration costs for damage caused by an accident to the underbody, tires, windshield, side or rear window, exterior mirrors or the roof, if the comprehensive insurance does not provide coverage for this. Damage to the oil pan and damage to the interior and interior fittings is not covered.

5 Liability


5.1 Damage with full liability of the rental party

In case of misfuelling, the renter is fully liable for any damage caused (tank emptying, engine damage, etc.). In case of loss of the vehicle key or the vehicle registration certificate, the costs for the replacement are fully borne by the rental party in addition to an expense fee of 50€. The renter is liable for damages caused by the load in full amount. The renter is liable for damages that are demonstrably caused by incorrect gear-switching in the full amount. The renter is fully liable for damage to the interior caused by incorrect operation. There is no insurance coverage for damaged and destroyed tires, if the tire damage is not directly related to a comprehensive damage. Furthermore, the renter is liable according to the respective law of the country in which they are with the rental vehicle.


5.2 Liability of the Rental Firm

The rental firm shall be liable in the event of intent as well as gross negligence. The liability is based on the legal regulations, if there is a violation of a contractual obligation. The liability is limited to the replacement, to restore a condition in accordance with the contract. Any liability of the lessor is limited to intent and gross negligence. Liability for culpable injury to life and limb remains unaffected. If a booked camper should not be available at the beginning of the rental period (accident damage, late returns, theft, etc.), the lessor will provide the tenant with a comparable replacement vehicle. Should this also not be possible, all payments already made (total rental price) will be refunded to the renter. Should the camper fail completely during the rental period, the lessor will try to provide a replacement vehicle at the place of the beginning of the rental period within the scope of his possibilities. The failure of the rented camper does not constitute a reason for reduction of the rental price. Compensation payments due to missed vacation days, already paid services (e.g. ferry trips, tolls, campsite reservations, etc.) are expressly not due on the part of the lessor. Only in case of defects and damages that occur and are reported immediately after the start of the rental period and are not caused by improper use of the rental party, will the rental price be refunded.

6 Data protection

The lessor processes personal data of the renter, among other things, for vehicle rental and invoicing. A transfer of data takes place at the request of government authorities or their service providers for the settlement of costs or penalties (eg tolls, traffic violations, etc.). Otherwise, no active disclosure of personal data is knowingly made. Detailed information can be found in the privacy policy at


7 Assignment regulation

The assignment of claims resulting from the user agreement to third parties (e.g. family members, fellow travelers) is excluded.


8 Final provisions

According to § 306 of the German Civil Code (BGB), those contractual contents of the General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the statutory provisions whose provisions have not become part of the contract or are invalid. The rest of the contract remains effective.

Place of performance is the registered office of the lessor (Cologne). Additional, in particular verbal, agreements made prior to the conclusion of the contract or discussed changes to the General Terms and Conditions require the written form of both contracting parties to be valid.



Status of the GTC: 05.01.2023

© Maranu GmbH 

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